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July 18th, 2014
Last Updated At 17:15:06 PST

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Jul 13th, 2014 at 18:45 PM
I love osmanthus and the scent is so soothing. I'm sure you can tell that I love osmanthus very much as I've shared my osmanthus recipes with you before. So today, I'm sharing this Osmanthus Chia Seed Chiffon Cake with you. This recipe is similar to my Earl Grey Tea Chiffon cake but with a little adjustment on the flour and I changed the sugar to osmanthus sugar syrup (store bought).  I've also added 2 tablespoons black chia seeds for some crunch. Overall this chiffon cake is perfect with a hint of osmanthus fragrance, and soft, cottony texture. I even baked a second one the next day.You may like to check on my osmanthus recipes by clicking on the pictures to my posts.想看食谱请按照片就看得到了 Osmanthus Chia Seed Chiffon CakeIngredients:      60g. . .

Osmanthus - Chiffon Cakes - Bake Along

Jul 13th, 2014 at 18:29 PM
Back from the beach: hot, sweaty, sandy, sun struck, and relaxed. You peruse the contents of your fridge and nothing cries, “Make .....

♥ Dining Out - Restaurants - She's Cookin' - mexican food - solita's tacos

Jul 13th, 2014 at 17:36 PM
This Garlic Herb Cheese Bread is made with just few simple ingredients, namely bread dough, garlic, butter, parsley and cheese. You can buy the bread dough from the store or make your own. I like to make mine during the summer times, when the weather is hot, and the dough rises faster. Homemade. . .

Breakfast - Breads and Bakes - North American - Video Tutorial

Jul 13th, 2014 at 17:07 PM
Recently we spent a few glorious nights at the beautiful Montage Hotel in Laguna Beach, California. Hanging out at the spa pool and not moving from the the plush, comfy lounge chairs, we had their fantastic lobster salad two days in a row for. . .

Fish & Shellfish - Salads and Dressings - The Daniel Plan - asparagus - avocado - Beach - citrus - Daniel Plan - dinner - dressing
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